Anne Hayes, St.Vincents’s Hospital. Dublin

I was introduced to Gráinne when I first took up position as Director of Services, Lios Aoibhinn Centre, St. Vincent’s University Hospital and needed an Interior Designer. Gráinne’s remit was to help create a non-institutional, warm and supportive environment for those needing support and care, notwithstanding the environmental, health, safety, infection control and other aspects of the environment which needed to be taken into account.

Over the course of a year I was steadily impressed by the breadth of her dimension, creativity, continuity and attention to detail. She is a person who possesses exceptional talent, knowledge, ability, patience and an abundance of common sense. Lios Aoibhinn is now a centre which continues to provide a safe, secure, nurturing and healing environment appreciated by all who enter… a true sanctuary.

I recommend Gráinne Crowley without reservation.